Learn to Meditate in TWO Minutes
For the Lazy, Crazy and Time Deficient
This Book Allows You to Achieve INSTANT Calm While Growing 

Financially and Spiritually

Join Me On Your Journey of Peace and Clarity!

2 Minutes can be the Key to More Energy, More Peace, More Focus and More Happiness

Sheevaun O'Connor Moran, Author

The Book...
Maybe this is you...
~ You feel exhausted mentally

~ You know you want to learn to meditate but think it will take too long

~ You're ready for zero anxiety

~ You want to stop raging at everything, even on the inside

~ You want to get off the pharmaceutical cycle for calm

~ Sleep has eluded you

~ Chaos is everywhere

~ You just want to be more productive

KCal 9 Los Angeles
KCal9 LA wanted to know how they could handle the stressors of the news and Sheevaun was their guest.
Jack Canfield of Success Strategies
Jack Canfield shares his insights about how meditation has helped him. 
Mark Victor Hansen of Chicken Soup for the Soul
Mark Victor Hansen reviews Sheevaun's book and shares the wisdom and simplicity of the techniques.
Susie Ridgeway, Ex-Corporate now Business owner
Stressed out mom and new business owner found clarity and peace in the techniques.
Whether you are new to meditation or have been meditating for a long while you will find treasure in this book. 

"I was a typical busy executive with very loud head chatter. My mind would never shut up. I woke up with an adrenaline shot of the brain and it continued all day. It got so exhausting that when I had a health crisis that my physician told me I needed to learn to meditate and calm down. Funny as he said he didn't know anything about it but knew that it was going to help. Off I went from his office having no idea how. I tried a bunch of programs and still busy head. It was almost worse. 

I took a course in alternative medicine and on day one they had us do a meditation. I had never felt peace or quiet until that moment. That's when I got curious about teaching others' how to meditate. A friend of mine asked me to substitute for her meditation class and next thing i knew I created a super simple formula. I discovered that the formula I created took about two minutes and the mind was quiet."

This book is about demystifying all the weird stuff around meditation so that you get to have that quiet brain and calmer self. I know you'll enjoy the process and the simplicity, no matter what you believe there's value in quiet and calmness! ~ Sheevaun

Zander - Student

I learned how to meditate from Sheevaun when I was stressed from school. Now I'm near I've graduated college and now my first job and meditation is still part of my daily practice. ~ Zander

Earl V in SoCalifornia
I had a declining company and was not sleeping. When I found and worked with Sheevaun to help my business and also to eliminate my anxiety and after she taught me her 2 Minute & I have been more calm than I had been in over 12 years. ~ Earl
Joyce B
From one of the techniques in the book the pain I had been in was reduced by 90%. ~ Joyce
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